About BritePath

Established in 1998, BritePath remains an independent and community-centric enterprise. Our commitment lies in fostering meaningful relationships and providing innovative, strategic cost containment solutions to elevate businesses and their People.

Resetting expectations for plan sponsors and their members based on viable, proven, state-of-the-art solutions and strategies is the framework for the adoption of a High-Performance Health Plan (HPHP).

Collaborating with companies nationwide, we specialize in crafting sustainable strategies for employee benefits. Our approach empowers businesses to proactively navigate market changes rather than reactively adapting.

Our dedication extends beyond formulation; we work closely with businesses to ensure judicious investments in employee well-being. By educating employees on their benefits and healthcare, we ensure they grasp the full value of the investment made by their employers through comprehensive benefits packages.

As proud members of Health Rosetta, recognized as “Disruptors,” we leverage a national network comprising over 250 Benefit Consultants. This extensive network grants us the ability to observe, adopt, and measure the effectiveness of emerging solutions entering the marketplace.

The results are simply amazing: 20-40% reduction in Rx spend, 20% reduction in medical spend, enhanced benefits with lower member out-of-pocket costs, improved care navigation and guidance, heightened access to actionable data, greater avoidance of unnecessary care, and increased member satisfaction.

At BritePath, our mantra is clear: A Prudent Approach to Impactful Benefits Starts Here.

Benefit Strategy Reimagined

It all starts with a conversation that focuses on the current benefit strategies impact on the members, the HR team and the business objectives. An optimal benefit strategy is part of the overall business strategy. Our advisors understand the role benefits, especially health insurance, play in a company’s ability to attract and retain their ideal employee.

Optimizing group health plans requires an understanding of health care and insurance, as well as, the misaligned incentives inherent in both. A lack of transparency and actionable data have kept employers and members in the dark. This is the failure of the fee-for-service health care model and managed care plans.

Contrary to popular belief, improved quality and lower costs are achieved by enhancing benefits not reducing them. When members become informed healthcare consumers, they are better equipped to navigate a complex healthcare system with clarity and purpose. This ensures they receive the highest-value care possible and get more from their health insurance spend and yours.

The BritePath benefit strategy makes underperforming health plans a thing of the past. BritePath is comprised of the following components; Health, Pharmacy, Insights and Engage. Employers that implement all or some of the BritePath strategies can put their benefit strategy back on track and save 20% or more.

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Commitment to Excellence

Clients stay with BritePath because of our emphasis on service. But here are a few reasons why they come to us in the first place:

  • A reputation for integrity, transparency and putting our clients’ interests first
  • Strong relationships with the nation’s leading insurance carriers, as well as, regional and specialty insurers and third-party administrators
  • Market expertise and deep industry knowledge
  • A full array of insurance products and solutions for companies of any size—from large employers with multiple offices throughout the country to small businesses on Main Street, USA.
  • A commitment to educate our clients and their members so they can better navigate the highly complex healthcare system which can easily reduce the healthcare spend by 20 percent or more
  • Our strong relationship with Health Rosetta emphasizes our commitment toward improved financial performance and improved quality of care for employees
  • A strong relationship with independent TPA’s and transparent Pharmacy Benefit Managers enhances the benefit experience for our partially self-insured clients
  • Enhanced data analytics and care management provides our partially self-insured clients with actionable data to quickly address outlier claimants and costly specialty medications resulting in significantly lower cost share for members and their employer

Our employee benefit solutions include the following:

Strategic Planning and Consulting

A thorough needs analysis that delivers multi-year, strategic recommendations that meet HR objectives and financial goals

Client Onboarding

We will review existing benefits, policies, and client needs, to ensure there are no disruptions to your HR staff or employees


Support to ensure a seamless transition by supporting HR with core administrative services, communications, and enrollment

Account Service

Dedicated service professionals who provide ongoing support to plan administrators, covered employees, and dependents

Brokerage/Renewal Services

We identify the most cost-effective benefits and funding methods, provide in-depth analysis of proposals, and assist with selecting renewal options that align with your goals

Financial Analytics

Actuarial and underwriting resources to optimize the financial outcomes of your benefits program


Law-degreed advisors and HR professionals who monitor legislation and regulations and provide actionable guidance

Pharmacy Benefit Consulting

Resources and strategies to help reduce Rx costs

HR Advisory

Best practices and expert advice to help guide your HR strategy

Benefits Technology and Administration Support

Guidance to help you select the best technology that aligns with your benefits strategy and professionals who provide administration support for employers, covered employees and dependents


Strategies that build awareness, educate employees and drive engagement in your benefits

Flexible Benefits

Trusted and reliable FSA, HSA, HRA, Transit, and COBRA administration services

Need Retirement Consulting

We got a guy

Ongoing Performance Management

Ongoing monitoring of the financial performance of your benefits program and proactively identifying future risks and cost drivers

Founder & Benefit Optimization Officer

Lou is the innovator behind BritePath, the benefit strategy that flattens the curve on health insurance costs.  BritePath helps benefit decision makers reset their expectations with advanced analytics & insights that make them and their members more informed health care consumers capable of changing the trajectory of the cost and quality of their employer sponsored health insurance plan.  Pay More, Get Less is replaced by a High-Performance Health Care Plan that allows them to finally start Winning.

Lou is proud to be among the first 150 advisors accepted into Health Rosetta; an eco-system of forward-thinking advisors and solution partners that share his passion for helping people and businesses customize health plans that enhance benefits, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Lou is also involved with Aspirational Healthcare, Free Market Medical and is a Forbes Business Council member.

Account Executive

Lindsey Gulliksen joined the BritePath team in 2018. She quickly picked up on the ‘Every Member Matters’ philosophy and comes to work ready and able to help.  As an Account Executive, she plays an integral part in educating and guiding employers and their employees on decisions regarding their benefits, how those decisions affect their bottom line, how to understand and communicate the plan details and how to remain complaint with current regulations.

Lindsey likes to camp and spend time with family when she’s not providing our clients with exceptional service.

Account Manager

Denise joined the BritePath team in 2016. She handles all member related transactions, billings and account maintenance: and makes it look easy.  Very often, our clients tell us it feels like they get a confirmation before they hit the send button.

As an Account Manager, she is an integral part of our team and essential part of our service promise.

Marketing and Business Development

Faith joined BritePath in 2020.  Faith is responsible for prospecting, marketing and communications.  In addition, Faith supports our Account Executive and Manager with member and service-related issues.