Benefit Administration

Your dedicated Account Executive serves as a support pillar for your HR department. In conjunction with our Account Managers, they will:

  • Assist with Member Transaction Processing (additions, terminations, changes)
  • Help with Carrier Billing Issues
  • Review member claims issues
  • Assist with vendor evaluations and implementation
  • Provide necessary benefit documents
  • Prepare custom Employee Benefit Guide’s
  • Assist with renewal marketing


We’re Committed to helping you stay compliant. BritePath can help address these challenges internally and externally through strategic partnerships with best-in-class solutions and partners. This support is crucial to mitigate the risk of penalties related to the following regulations:

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA). Services and tools to help you comply with ACA regulations and avoid fines, penalties and excise taxes.
  • Form 1094/1095 preparation and distribution
  • ERISA/COBRA/HIPAA – Guidance on how these laws can affect your benefit plans.
  • Resources for compliance topics including DOL Audit, HIPAA Privacy and Security, ACA Lookback
  • Methodology & Tracking, Reporting and Disclosure, and more.

Online HR and Compliance Solution is Your Single Source For…

  • The latest health care reform tools and guidelines
  • How to interview, hire and terminate employees
  • How to conduct performance reviews at every level
  • Interactive tools including:
    • Job description builder
    • Performance review builder
    • Salary benchmarking tool
    • Total compensation statement builder
    • Federal and state employee handbook generator
  • Customizable employee handbook
  • State and federal compliance information
  • State labor laws guidance

Custom Plan Document Builder makes it easy to comply with ERISA

  • Create customized Wrap SPD and Wrap Plan Document that provide the required ERISA provisions and information that will help you achieve compliance.
  • Distribution guidelines that explain how and when to provide these compliance documents to your plan participants.
  • The ability to keep your documents current and updated should the federal government issue new amendments or if plan information needs to be changed.

Using the document builder, our clients can also generate custom:

  • POP Plan Documents
    Annual Federally and State Required Employee Notices
    COBRA Notices
    Form I-9
    FMLA Guidelines
    Recruitment & Hiring Forms
    Employee or HR Notices and Requests

Online Training Platform helps you prepare mandatory annual trainings such as:

  • Construction Safety
  • Cyber Security
  • Employee Training
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Supervisor Training
  • Workplace Safety

HR Hotline For On-Demand Expertise

Our clients have access to personalized, professional HR consultations by phone or email related to these important topics:

  • Employee benefit administration
  • Leave of Absence
  • Federal Compliance
  • State Employment Law
  • Wage & Hour Issues
  • Discipline & Terminations
  • Recruiting & Hiring
  • Employee Relations
  • Workers Compensation
  • Investigations
  • Performance Management


Businesses need an advisor that does more than just shop for and service their insurance products. They need an advisor that understands health care and insurance that helps align the benefit strategy with
the long-term goals of the company.

This approach consists of a three-step process that Reduces CostsImproves Outcomes and Eliminates Misaligned Incentives. By establishing long-term goals with actionable items, we are able to help our clients build a sustainable benefit strategy that helps them become the employer of choice.


HR Support and Vendor Management

HR has the heaviest workload of any professional.  Hiring, firing, onboarding, open enrollment and qualifying events are a never-ending cycle.  Technology can make the job more efficient and effective but vetting the endless vendors can be a challenge in itself.

BritePath advisors assist your management and executive staff to identify the right resources, tools, experts, and vendors to get the job done right.  GPI advisors meet with you on site to educate and guide you through the healthcare system.


Insurance Products

At the core of BritePath solutions are the insurance products that provide the first level of protection for your people related to healthcare, dental, financial and personal risks.

Our full array of products fit seamlessly into your benefits strategy always with the well-being of your people in mind, as well as your companies long term business strategy.  Learn more about the insurance products.


Engagement and Education

Healthcare and insurance are confusing.  Couple this with the lack of transparency regarding the quality and price of care and it is a recipe for disaster.  Healthcare is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

BritePath believes educating our members allows us to deliver a huge return on your investment for our team.  Your members are able to navigate the healthcare maze, reduce their costs and lower your health insurance spend.  This results in lower turnover and a happier and healthier workforce.