A Better Healthplan For

Your People, HR Team &  Bottom Line.

Affordable. High-Quality. Transparent. Rewarding. Empowering.

At it’s core BritePath is an independent insurance agency focused on employee benefits and committed to assisting our clients with the marketing, administration and compliance of these products. Our products include but are not limited to the following.

Group Health Plans

  • Bundled health plans
  • Unbundled health plans
  • Fully Insured plans
  • Partially Self-Insured plans
  • Level Funded plans
  • Administration Services Only (ASO)
  • Captive Arrangements
  • Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements
  • Health Savings Accounts

Ancillary Benefit Plans

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short Term, Long Term and Statutory Disability
  • Group life
  • Accidental death & Dismemberment
  • Wellness
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Group travel accident
  • Worksite benefits
  • Employee assistance programs
  • International benefits
  • Financial wellness

Health Plans built for Employees, approved by HR and CFO’s

  • Members want lower contributions, OOP costs and help navigating a complex health care system
  • HR wants a plan that is easy to manage that helps attract ideal candidates and keeps them
  • Everyone, including CFO’s, want to pay less.

The good news is that paying less for health care is precisely how you pay less for health insurance. Group Planners Inc. will show you how.

The cost, charge and price (all very different) for health care is not easily accessible; and health care systems and carriers want to keep it that way. Very often insurance carriers do not share data with employers until renewal, if at all. When they do it is generally to justify premium increases. Employers have become accustomed to this and accept it. Patients learn after the fact what their responsibility is for the services they receive. This is the failure of managed care and the fee-for-service system of health care.

BritePath refuses to accept that this is the only way, so we set out to design a benefit strategy to combat the status quo and we did. Welcome to BritePath.

BritePath benefit strategy focuses on patient outcomes.

Depending upon the funding option and administrator we deploy solutions that can:

  • Eliminate rampant overspend by eliminating fraud, waste and abuse within most status-quo plans that can reduce spend by 15%
  • Improve Medical Management and Concierge services that can lower spend by 25%
  • Aligned PBM contracts reduce Rx spend by up to 40%
  • Take advantage of a variety of programs to address outlier claimants

BritePath Plans always strive to:

  • Enhance member and employer health care consumer IQ
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Increase the value of care
  • Increase employee retention

How can BritePath Help Your Company?

Small Groups

Many employers in the small group market have adopted a high-deductible health plan and coupled that with an FSA, HSA or employer funded HRA. BritePath benefit strategy provides members with powerful tools so they see the options and prices before they access services. Members are able to stretch their FSA and HSA funds further and Employers spend less of their HRA exposure. Employers that enabled Rewards provide an added incentive so members and employers save even more.

Large Group Fully Insured

Members and employers receive the same benefit as small groups plus the added benefit of lowering the claims experience. This allows their advisor to negotiate more competitive renewals. BritePath benefit strategy empower members and employers to reduce the claim spend by up to 20% and ensuring members receive the highest-value care possible

Large Group Self Insured

Employers that choice to partially self-insure their medical risk have the maximum ability to save. BritePath benefit strategy has the compounding effect of not only paying less for health care, improving outcomes and enhancing benefits; it also helps employers reduce the fixed costs associated with self-insuring. Employers that utilize these strategies and partner solutions pay lower stop loss premiums, admin and advisor fees.

Learn More about the benefit of self-insuring with BritePath

Transparent. Empowering.

Companies like Amazon recognize that Americans become better consumers when they have the information, they need to make informed decisions. Price, quality, customer feedback and accessibility all factor into our decision-making process as consumers. Why have we not insisted on having access to this information for what is perhaps our most important decision; where to go for health care. When it comes to health care we are generally in the dark and do not understand the powerful and very often misaligned incentives of those guiding us.

BritePath is committed to sharing what we have learned and continue to learn every day about health care with our clients and members. In addition, we share solutions and technology to equip them with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions. These resources can be seamlessly integrated into the health plan or standalone depending whether the plan is bundled or unbundled. The goal is always ease of use for the member and a high return on investment for the employer.



Businesses need an advisor that does more than just shop for and service their insurance products. They need an advisor that understands health care and insurance that helps align the benefit strategy with
the long-term goals of the company.

This approach consists of a three-step process that Reduces CostsImproves Outcomes and Eliminates Misaligned Incentives. By establishing long-term goals with actionable items, we are able to help our clients build a sustainable benefit strategy that helps them become the employer of choice.


HR Support and Vendor Management

HR has the heaviest workload of any professional.  Hiring, firing, onboarding, open enrollment and qualifying events are a never-ending cycle.  Technology can make the job more efficient and effective but vetting the endless vendors can be a challenge in itself.

BritePath advisors assist your management and executive staff to identify the right resources, tools, experts, and vendors to get the job done right.  BritePath advisors meet with you on site to educate and guide you through the healthcare system.


Insurance Products

At the core of BritePath solutions are the insurance products that provide the first level of protection for your people related to healthcare, dental, financial and personal risks.

Our full array of products fit seamlessly into your benefits strategy always with the well-being of your people in mind, as well as your companies long term business strategy.  Learn more about the insurance products.


Engagement and Education

Healthcare and insurance are confusing.  Couple this with the lack of transparency regarding the quality and price of care and it is a recipe for disaster.  Healthcare is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

BritePath believes educating our members allows us to deliver a huge return on your investment for our team.  Your members are able to navigate the healthcare maze, reduce their costs and lower your health insurance spend.  This results in lower turnover and a happier and healthier workforce.