We created BritePath to set employers and their members free. Free of the misaligned incentives that plague an overpriced and over complicated healthcare and insurance system. A system that thrives off of uninformed patients and members. Employers and their member are paying a significant price. BritePath can save employers and their members 25-40% while they enjoy enhanced benefits, improved outcomes and lower insurance costs for years to come.




  • BWF 8 | Insurance Claims Data
    There is probably no aspect of healthcare that has changed as dramatically over the last few years as insurance claims data. For every C-Suite leader or HR manager to justify their next rate increase, they must have the right amount of data at their disposal, gathered from the clients themselves.
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  • BWF 6 | Cost Of Healthcare
    Marshall Allen’s book, “Never Pay the First Bill: And Other Ways to Fight the Health Care System and Win,” shows individuals and employers how they can push back against the high cost of health care. It’s led to Allen Health Academy, which takes the principles of the book and communicates
  • BWF 5 | Health Plans
    Emma Fox is Partner and COO of E-Powered Benefits. Her firm helps employers throughout the US customize health plans using alternative healthcare models that are capable of significantly enhancing benefits for members while at the same time lowering the cost by 20-40% (or more). The key is increasing awareness and resetting customer
  • BWF 4 | Employer-Sponsored Health Plans
    This episode of Benefits with Friends will feature Patrick Moore, President of Axim Fringe Solutions. Patrick is an Emerging Star in the benefits arena nationally who recently retired from the United States Marine Corps. How ironic that he will be appearing on our show on the 247th Birthday of the