Why Not Get a Second Opinion on Your Health Plan Today?

BritePath is pleased to provide this complementary Health Plan Assessment “Plan Snapshot” in partnership with Health Rosetta.

After years of synthesizing health plan data and working with the nation’s leading advisors, solutions, and employers to identify the most important components of a high-performance plan, Health Rosetta developed the Plan Snapshot. The Plan Snapshot is a watered-down version of the Plan Grader and provides an objective leading indicator of a health plan’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Plan Snapshot will provide plan sponsors with the tools to begin a candid conversation with their advisor about areas of improvement.

Once you’ve submitted your basic plan information below, BritePath will send you your Plan Snapshot within 3-5 business days.

Sample Plan Snapshot

Enter Your Plan Shot Information Below:

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Do you have a 2-3 year strategy for improving your plan's cost and quality?(Required)
How does the plan incentivize members to seek lower-cost and/or higher quality care?(Required)
What types of human support do members have access to through the plan?(Required)
For which major specialty area(s) does the plan have specific strategies and programs?(Required)
What types of add-in pharmacy programs and strategies does the plan leverage?(Required)
Main Contact Name(Required)

As you fill this form out, there may be questions you don’t know the answer to or are unsure. “No” should be your answer for these (or leave a box unchecked). This process is designed to establish a baseline and you can always return and complete the information again. Even the best plans have areas that need work and/or a benefit hasn’t been well communicated. If you have questions, please email info@britepathbenefits.com.

The Health Rosetta is a blueprint for high-performance health benefits. It is a practical approach built on what successful purchasers do. This is an evolving ecosystem of brokers, advisors, consultants, doctors, attorneys, and a vast network of professionals that are committed to scaling healthcare solutions that have already been validated all over the country.