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If you’re looking for a strategic benefit advisor to provide truly innovative employee benefit strategies, educate, support and help you manage costs and mitigate risk, then look to Group Planners Inc. We’ve been told by many CFO’s and HR Directors that our approach is quite different than other insurance brokers. There’s a very good reason for that, we’re not a typical insurance broker. For nearly a quarter century, we’ve been providing customized benefit strategies for companies large to small…and everything in between.

Technology and the access to healthcare data has significantly improved in recent years. Analysis of that data makes it very clear that traditional benefit strategies are not effective in controlling health care spend or improving outcomes for patients. Using this data, our advisors sought out to develop a new benefit strategy that could help our members become informed health care consumers. Welcome to BritePath.

Components of a Britepath Plan

Benefit plans created with the BritePath strategy focus on the quadruple aim; enhancing benefits, improving outcomes, increasing member and employer satisfaction, lowering member out-of-pocket costs and the overall healthcare cost by 20 to 40 percent.

More importantly, these solutions increase member and employer healthcare and insurance IQ. Making them better equipped to navigate the complex healthcare system, avoid unnecessary and low-value care. The result is an informed healthcare consumer, a more appreciative employee and a new trajectory for your medical spend.

The Status Quo. Good Grief.

Traditional strategies to combat skyrocketing health insurance premiums focus on insurance premiums, making plan design concessions that pass higher out-of-pocket costs on to members and/or increasing member premium share. This is generally referred to as ‘Consumerism’ and it has failed. Whether intentional or not, the American healthcare and insurance markets are highly complex. Both are riddled with misaligned incentives and confidential contracts that leave employers and their members unable to make educated healthcare decisions regarding the quality or cost of care.

This strategy is reactive not proactive. It fails to address the underlying cause of skyrocketing premiums; claims. Claims accounts for 80 percent or more of a typical fully-insured or self-funded plan. Only when you take a closer look at the claims can you understand how employers throughout the country are lowering their costs by 20-40% while at the same time enhancing benefits and improving outcomes for their members. We like to call this a High-Performance Health Plan (HPHP).

Image credit (Employer Health Benefits Survey – 2019 Kaiser Family Foundation)

Elements Of A High-Performance Health Plan

At Group Planners Inc., we help employers customize a high-performance health plan that reduces healthcare spend while ensuring members receive best-in-class benefits.


Eliminates obstacles to value-based primary care


Empowers members to make informed healthcare decisions and rewards them with lower out-of-pocket costs


Provides members with resources to locate high-value care and lowest cost prescriptions


Reduces a company’s healthcare spend and as a result the insurance risk and premiums

A High-Performance Health Plan can help employers large or small. Whether a group is Community or Experience rated, Fully or Self-Insured, has a High-Deductible Health Plan that is Employer or Employee funded; a HPHP will change the trajectory of your health insurance spend and make you the employer of choice.

Lower Costs. Better Care. Better Benefits.

Group Planners Inc. is proud to be a member of the Health Rosetta. The Health Rosetta shows the path to spending less and getting more. Built on the real-life successes of the best benefits purchasers.

The Health Rosetta accelerates adoption of simple, practical, non-partisan fixes to our healthcare system.

We help public & private employers and unions provide better care for 157 million Americans while reducing health benefits spending by 20-40%.


We simplify and illuminate the path to lower costs, better benefits, and improved outcomes


We vet an ecosystem of people, products, services, and places that make change possible.


We advance the Health Rosetta, the blueprint for high-performance benefits built to accomplish three goals.

Reduce costs 20-40%

Organizations that implement Health Rosetta style benefits sustainably outperform the status quo.

Improve quality

Keep people healthier and safer. Things like no deductibles on major procedures and unlimited, free primary care.

Better experiences

Improve the experience and increase satisfaction for patients, caregivers, families, clinicians, and others.

Why the Health Rosetta is unique.

View a TEDx talk about it in action.

Based on real life experience

No theory. We’ve sourced it from the highest performing benefits purchasers. It’s built on their successes, letting others stand on the shoulders of giants.

No need to boil the ocean

It’s built from flexible components that fit all types of needs and can be implemented over time.

A robust support ecosystem

We’re building an ecosystem to simplify the journey with access to best practices, vetted third parties, and other resources to support everything from change management to measuring success.

The Foundational Components

The big levers where most high-performers focus.

Value-based primary care

Properly incentivized primary care is the front line defense against downstream costs. View Component

Patient Stewardship

Healthcare is complex, even for experts. Employees need access to trusted, aligned resources to navigate this world. View Component

Active, independent plan admin.

We deeply optimize spend in every other area. Why not health benefits? Independent and ongoing oversight is critical.

Transparent open networks

Cost and quality are often inversely correlated in healthcare. Focusing on outcomes and known prices is the path to lower costs. View component

High-performance plan design

The right foundation of plan design, incentives, documents, and risk management is critical. View ERISA Checklist

Transparent pharmacy benefits

Purchasers need true transparency, the facts & data to control decision making. View Component

Major specialties & outliers

Cardiometabolic, musculoskeletal, and cancer. Catch it early, avoid unnecessary procedures, and get to high-quality providers when needed. Read essay

Transparent advisor relationships

The benefits purchasing process should be transparent, based on disclosure, and aligned financial incentives. Learn about disclosure


Businesses need an advisor that does more than just shop for and service their insurance products. They need an advisor that understands health care and insurance that helps align the benefit strategy with
the long term goals of the company. In response, GPI created the BritePath approach to strategic benefit planning.

This approach consists of a three-step process that Reduces CostsImproves Outcomes and Eliminates Misaligned Incentives. By establishing long-term goals with actionable items, we are able to help our clients build a sustainable benefit strategy that helps them become the employer of choice.


HR Support and Vendor Management

HR has the heaviest workload of any professional.  Hiring, firing, onboarding, open enrollment and qualifying events are a never-ending cycle.  Technology can make the job more efficient and effective but vetting the endless vendors can be a challenge in itself.

GPI advisors assist your management and executive staff to identify the right resources, tools, experts, and vendors to get the job done right.  GPI advisors meet with you on site to educate and guide you through the healthcare system.


Insurance Products

At the core of GPI’s solutions are the insurance products that provide the first level of protection for your people related to healthcare, dental, financial and personal risks.

Our full array of products fit seamlessly into your benefits strategy always with the well-being of your people in mind, as well as your companies long term business strategy.  Learn more about the insurance products.


Engagement and Education

Healthcare and insurance are confusing.  Couple this with the lack of transparency regarding the quality and price of care and it is a recipe for disaster.  Healthcare is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

GPI believes educating our members allows us to deliver a huge return on your investment for our team.  Your members are able to navigate the healthcare maze, reduce their costs and lower your health insurance spend.  This results in lower turnover and a happier and healthier workforce.

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