BritePath ensures our clients are supported by a high touch customer service model. It all starts with an open honest conversation and Plan Grade analysis in collaboration with Health Rosetta, a leading organization in healthcare transformation.

The Plan Grader is a 40-question benchmarking analysis that has given thousands of employers ranging in size from less than 100 up to 300,000 members a concrete assessment of their health plan and the proven steps they can take to create world class benefits for less than they’re paying today.

The Plan Grader and subsequent strategy sessions set the stage for a three-to-five-year plan that prioritizes opportunities and creates an action plan that focuses on removing barriers to care and the misaligned incentives that work against employers and their members in the current pay more get less plan. Implementation includes vendor selection, contracting and member onboarding. Member communication and education are an essential part of the process. Because it’s important that the members understand that the resources, they’ve been starving for are now available. Optimization of the plan focuses on continuous quality improvement (CQI), including annual and quarterly reviews to identify opportunities for enhancements based on the actionable data the new High-Performance Health Plan provides.

You might ask yourself, is it really worth the effort to make these changes? Only you can answer that but before you do consider that the benefits to the employer include predictable and budget double health care costs and opportunity to invest back into your business and employees with money saved and high-quality affordable care that leads to happier, healthier and higher performing employees. Employees benefit from higher quality benefits with dramatically lower out-of-pocket costs, reduced care avoidance and the support and guidance they need to make informed healthcare decisions.

Isn’t that what health care and insurance should be? We think so. If this sounds good to you reach out today to schedule a call and let’s conduct your complimentary Plan Grader.