Fact – Most employers feel like spectators when it comes to managing their health care costs.

There are many reasons for this but perhaps the greatest is the fact that they have set very low expectations.  Insurance carriers, brokers and an endless cycle of premium increases have made them feel helpless.  A veil of secrecy and flawed renewal strategies provide them with limited data to make informed benefit and health care decisions.

BritePath challenges the status quo by openly discussing the misaligned incentives inherent in health care and bundled insurance products.  This change in mindset is a necessary first step in addressing this challenging problem.  Sharing of data, new technological advances and an ecosystem of carriers & cost control partners is the natural second step.

Most Americans think health care and insurance are broken when in fact, it’s working exactly the way it was designed.  BritePath changes the rules and puts employers and their members in the drivers seat.  The possibilities are endless. And the results?  They speak for themselves.

Get a 2nd opinion on your health care costs today.