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Health care costs

Health INSURANCE isn’t Health CARE!

Group Health Insurance is a way to finance (shelter) your organization from excessive health CARE costs.

Too often employers and their brokers focus exclusively on the insurance costs. ‘Going to market’ is essentially getting the lowest bid to finance your employees and dependent health care risk.

At Group Planners Inc. we understand this all to well. How does your company determine what is a fair and just renewal? It shouldn’t be a random number. Carriers use this mindset to their advantage.

Health care costs are the foundation of every fully-insured and self-insured health plan. Understanding the hidden profit centers in a bundled health insurance plan and how to best eliminate them are paramount.

Understanding the health care ecosystem is also a must. The rampant and blatant steerage inherent in health care artificially inflates health care costs and insurance premiums.

BritePath benefit strategies help employers and their members become informed health care consumers capable of reducing health care costs by 20-40%. What impact does that have on American workers and their employers?

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