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They say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, so how can you explain that we are only a few months away from open enrollment again.  An overwhelming majority of group health insurance plans renew on January 1st each year which means payers will start delivering renewals in about two short months.

Payers are uncertain what impact COVID-19 will have on 2021 premiums at this point yet they will be forced to make early assumptions, predictions and estimations that will affect millions of Americans and their employers.  Suffice it to say they will err on the side of caution so it’s logical to assume they will pad the premiums a bit especially for fully-insured plans.  Self-insured plans may see an uptick in stop-loss and aggregate limits.

This year, perhaps more than most, will require creativity and a deeper understanding of health care and health insurance to make informed decisions.  At Group Planners Inc. we feel we are uniquely qualified to address these challenges for our clients and prospects.  Unlike most brokers, our focus isn’t exclusively on the cost of insurance.  This approach ignores the largest part of any plans total expenditure, the medical and prescription claim costs.  We, and our like-minded solution partners, are laser focused on cost control, benefits enhancements, strategic plan design and employee education.

We call our benefit strategy BritePath.  BritePath can change the trajectory of a companies health insurance spend and impact the lives of their members.  What do we ask of our clients and prospects?  Simply that they give us the time to discuss more than the insurance renewal.  They say time is money, in this case we have to agree.

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