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Contact: Dave Chase


August 17, 2023

The 2023 Rosie Awards recognize high-value, low-cost health plans from employers and unions across the U.S.

(Chicago) – Oradell Animal Hospital was honored at the inaugural “Rosie Awards” presentation in Chicago with a national award for health plan excellence and stewardship. Fifty employers or unions with memberships ranging from 27 to 300,000 were honored by over 700 healthcare and benefits professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders who gathered at the Chicago Navy Pier on August 7-9 to discuss strategies for delivering better care at a lower cost while improving patient outcomes.

The 2023 Rosie Award winners were chosen from plans recommended by benefits advisors, solution providers, or clinical leaders who met two important criteria: a high Plan GraderTM score and excellent use of their “Health Rosetta Dividend.” The Health Rosetta Dividend refers to money previously wasted on healthcare that can be reinvested back into the organization or community to improve wellbeing, such as free primary care services, pay increases, $0 medications, new job creation, or other tangible improvements that have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of their workforce, dependents, and communities.

Dave Chase, Health Rosetta Co-founder, offered additional insight on the 2023 Rosie Award selection criteria behind America’s Best Health Plans: “With health plan costs being one of an organization’s top three expenses, it’s imperative that leadership have a comprehensive third-party assessment to help them understand how their plan is operating, how it compares to high performance plans, and provides detailed best practices and strategies to improve their plan. The Plan Grader provides such an evaluation.” All 2023 Rosie Award winners were required to complete the Plan Grader, adopt fundamental parts of a Health Rosetta plan, and demonstrate compelling ways they are employing their Health Rosetta Dividend. These employers and union strategies set the standard for their industries and communities.

Oradell Animal Hospital’s selection as one of the 2023 Rosie Award winners also spotlights the award-winning plan design and advisement led by Health Rosetta Advisor, Louis C. Bernardi of BritePath.

“The HR Leadership at Oradell has been an absolute pleasure and inspiration to work with.  We recognize how intimidating and complex healthcare and insurance can be.  That did not deter them one bit.  The more they understood just how badly the status quo plans were artificially inflating their costs and the cost to their members, the more motivated they were to tackle the problem now and that’s what we did.  Some of the great things we implemented were an independent third-party administrator and pharmacy benefit manager, alongside a dedicated concierge nurse navigator and specialty drug solution partner.  The results were significantly better care for members and a plan that came in approximately $900,000 under budget.”  Oradell Animal Hospital can be very proud to be recognized as an industry leader with one of the best health plans in America.”

The Rosie Awards are presented by Health Rosetta, a collective of people that has seen the future of health in action and are passionately working to make it a reality.

To learn more about Oradell Animal Hospital’s Rosie Award-winning health plan, contact Louis C. Bernardi at

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The Plan Grader is the first comprehensive independent plan assessment to measure and improve your health plan strategy. Plan Grader is an independent 360° health plan risk assessment that provides actionable insights to create an effective 2-3 year strategy to lower costs and improve benefits. Plan Grader is built on the Health Rosetta’s eight components that have been modeled on the successes of hundreds of high-performance plans. Employers and unions can evaluate how their health plan benchmarks against other employers or union plans adopting a Health Rosetta-style health plan. Plan Grader is only available through a Health Rosetta Advisor.

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